#21 – Norrsken Session (pt. 1) – Towards a sustainable clothing industry with Sellpy & Trustrace

Episode nr 21 is a live podcast recorded at Norrsken impact week. We talk about the journey towards a sustainable clothing industry with Gustav Wessman, CMO at Sellpy and Shameek Ghosh, CEO & Founder at TrusTrace.
The amount of clothes that are being dumped in landfills worldwide are enough to fill 1,5 Empire State Buildings every single day. Garments are often times produced in ways that have negative impact on people and planet. There are many interesting innovations that tackle this issue and in this episode we talk with Sellpy who make it easy to buy and sell clothes online second hand. We also have TrusTrace with us who make it possible for brands and customers to trace impact of clothes.

(Episode in english)

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