Martin Wezowski - SAP

#31 – Looking into the mind of a futurist – Martin Wezowski, SAP

It´s time for episode #31 with Martin Wezowski. He is Chief Designer and Futurist at the tech-giant SAP – the world leading provider of resource planning systems.

Martin Wezowski grew up in Poland but his family left the country to search for a better future in Sweden. He found his place among the punk rockers in school and was playing in different bands. Later on he became interested in technology and has been with companies like Sony and Huawei before he ended up at SAP. At SAP Martin is trying to find out long-term visions that become their corporate strategy and in the end, the products we will enjoy. Martin spends a lot of time thinking about the future and innovation and in this episode we get an insight into his brilliant mind.

This episode is a collaboration with Forum for Social Innovation Sweden and it was recorded during their annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö in November 2019. This episode is in English.

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