Karen Dolva - No Isolation

#36 – Curing loneliness with warm tech – Karen Dolva, Co-founder & CEO of No Isolation

Episode #36 is here! This time with Karen Dolva – Co-founder and CEO at No Isolation. They are a tech company working to solve the issue of loneliness and social isolation.

Karen is from Norway and while she was studying at the university of Oslo she was hired by a tech incubator. During the time at the tech incubator she found the thrill of entrepreneurship. After a while at the incubator, helping others realize their ideas, she wanted to do something herself. The need that she and her co-founders identified was that there was no technology around to help isolated children in hospitals. So their first product was the AV1 which is a telepresence robot for these kids so that they can stay in their hospital beds and still attend school through the robot that they control remotely. Now, No Isolation has more products out and are reducing loneliness and social isolation for all ages.

This episode is a collaboration with Forum for Social Innovation Sweden. It was recorded during their annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö in November 2019.

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