Action against corona

#43 – Action Against Corona with Oskar and Funda from Norrsken Foundation

Episode 43 is a special episode due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We had the honor to sit down with Oskar and Funda from Norrsken Foundation. We talked about their response to this pandemic – ”Action Against Corona”

It all started during a monday staff meeting at Norrsken. The team at Norrsken had been working remote for a week due to the pandemic. They couldn’t stand doing “business as usual” anymore. So, they decided they wanted to do a response action to the Covid 19 pandemic. Said and done, the whole team left what they were working on and after only 30 hours, they had come up with and also launched the initiative “Action Against Corona”.

In the episode we will hear more about the process that led them to this amazing initiative and what it’s all about. We will also hear about the work Norrsken are up to right now with international expansions, accelerator programs, VC fund and much more.

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